Yoga is at the heart of our family. Our children, like many families, fill every space in our lives (and our house), so we want them to have the best start in life. Yoga teaches children many important techniques which can stand them in good stead for whatever life throws at them. While we can't protect them from everything that comes their way, we can give them the tools to help them look after themselves and respect others around them.

Stacey & Andy Steele both qualified as Children's Yoga Instructors with Yogabeez in 2017. Our aim is to present yoga in a fun and practical way; a toolkit for the modern family. 

We currently have classes running in Hedge End and Sarisbury Green. Click here for full details!

Alternatively, if you would like a class in your school, pre-school or local area, please contact us here.

Setting the way
Setting the way

Stacey teaching her children Warrior II on a beach

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In Our Hands
In Our Hands

son's bandaged hand in wife's hand.

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3 testimonials with the room where the class happened in the background

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We've put together some chill-outs for you to try at home with your children. It is our hope that they will be an easy and accessible way for your child to get a taste of how your child might benefit from yoga. This collection will be constantly updated and rotated over time so it always remains fresh. 


If you would like to give us any feedback about them or would like a chill-out for a specific need, we would love to hear from you! Click here to email us or submit a form at the bottom of this page.

Little Kittens

"Dude Looks Like A Goddess"

Aimed at 2yrs and up, this Chill-Out has helped us manage tempers and restore a little balance. For the free download, click HERE

Chill with Bill

"Magic Paw Breath"

Works for all kids, big and small. Yes, it's literally Magic. Enjoy! For the free download, click HERE

Crazy Cats

"How to fly a Dragon"

Aimed at 6yrs+, this is a great chillout to focus the mind, aid confidence and build positive energy. For the free download, click HERE

I went into my daughter's room tonight and she was in the (I think) lotus position... she told me she was just trying to relax before bed, so she can chill like Yoga Bill!
Your yoga session had an effect on her!


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